TONNY ORAVIK® is a new fashion brand founded in Slovakia in 2018.

We adhere to the principle of using only the highest quality materials and perceiving the latest trends. Each of our products comes in a luxury package. Just as we want only the best, we want to give the same to our customers. Our mission is to provide a unique feeling of uniqueness associated with personal approach and above-standard care. Our brand is not only about high-quality products, but also about the joy of unpacking or joining our “family” with all the benefits that we will gradually bring to our customers.


We started with underwear and we want to move on. Gradually, we will be adding to our offer other types of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry… and we are wondering where to get. Our goal is to become a worldwide respected fashion brand guaranteeing the highest quality, which will bring innovation or shopping experience and thus change the view of the fashion industry.

Became a part of our story. It will be incredible…

Anton Oravik

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